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The main site presents a large selection of my images of Australian fauna and landscapes. The images are accessed using the above links to two frame-based web pages.

My particular interest is bird photography and the web site reflects this interest with ~7250 bird images depicting 507 species/races. By far the majority of the images were taken in the wild, however some birds were captive.

Looking for birds involves travelling to some quite spectacular areas, so as might be expected I have also accumulated a landscape and limited fauna collection. A landscape image is included for one of two reasons: either the view appealed to me or it is typical of that region. Potentially these images may assist you in deciding whether to visit a particular location and what you might look for when you are there. There are ~2400 landscape images on the site, but at this stage, there are not images available for all states.

I hope that you enjoy viewing the images as much as I enjoyed taking them. If you have any comments about the site or particular image, e.g. bird incorrectly named, feel free to send me an email.

A fauna listing and a landscape location listing. are provided. The fauna list is particularly useful when you are looking for images of a particular bird. It provides the species list, the number of images and the 'category icon' (so you know where to find it if I have images of it).

The relevant listings can also be accessed while on the web pages using the link located below the category icons.

Main Image Collection functionality

  1. To view the landscape images for a location: The fauna collection is accessed in the same manner, except that a collection of bird category icons replaces the map.

  2. The functionality of the "logo frame" (top left corner of the page) may need a little explanation

  3. eBooks (2nd Edition)

    Part 1 Part 2
    (129 pages, 16Mb) (135 pages, 16Mb)
    Ostrich - Beach Stone-curlew Australian Pied Oystercatcher - Superb Lyrebird

    Part 3 Part 4
    (127 pages, 15Mb) (138 pages, 16Mb)
    White-browed Treecreeper - Eastern Whipbird Chiming Wedgebill - European Goldfinch

    Index for combined eBooks

    A selection of the bird images on the site are available as the above set of eBooks: